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This is glmstr's Mechrattle Rogue which was selected by Firebat for Deck Doctor on July 29th.  glmstr described the deck as, "Mechrium Rogue. Necrium package + skaterbots to feed big deathrattles, and a ton of draw and removal to get you there."

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Firebat's 1st attempt:  AAECAaIHBpsFhwOftwPRgQOggAPanQMMtAGGCb0Ex/gC3voC7gaQlwPVjAP+mgPOjAPs/AK09gIA

Firebat's 2nd attempt:  AAECAaIHBpsFhwOggAOLigPanQPx+wIMtAGGCb0Ex/gC3voC7gaQlwPVjAP+mgPOjAPs/AK09gIA


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