DD Challenge #10 - Battlecry Dragon Hunter

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Update 8/1/19:  Replaced some of the Zul'jin package with card draw and doubled down on the Emeriss finish.  Played 1 (long) game against a bomb warrior this morning and the deck definitely felt better (though obviously we're talking N=1).

1st attempt at creating a Dragon Hunter based on danny's Deck Doctor submission.

Please join us in the Deck Doctor challenge thread if you'd like to discuss this archetype or share your own Dragon Hunter creation!

The Emeriss + charge minions combo is appealing, but I wanted a way to tutor it and/or discount it.  Jepetto Joybuzz seemed like the only game in town so I started there. 

You'd typically go spell heavy to improve your odds of hitting Emeriss with Jepetto, but for this first attempt I wanted to explore a battlecry build with Barista Lynchen and friends.  The idea here is not that we're typically going to pull Emeriss (or Alexstrasza or something super awesome), but rather that we're typically happy pulling/discounting whatever we get because the battlecry is the real payoff and we can always get the card back (even Leeroy) with Lynchen.

I haven't been facing much aggro, but earlier versions have run things like Doomsayer instead of Cable Rat for better wide board counters.

Deck still needs a lot of work...

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