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Hello There!

I saw Blizzard coming back to standard .... so i tried to build a Freeze Mage. Here is my take:

First of all id like to say that im absoluteley not sure if this deck will work :) Just a funny thought in my mind but i think it has potential and could work depending what kind of meta we get. This deck could stop aggro pretty well i think but against combo or control im not sure this will have a even a tiny chance. But i will still try :) 

Also, most people would not like you after playing against this freeze Mage because you stall the game pretty much with you freezing everything all the time! :) :) 

So, about the deck:

We only run Frost Spells so our Frostweave Dungeoneer always gives as 1/1 Freeze Guys and our Snowblind Harpy always gives us armor. I also decided to try Ice Revenant because of all the freeze we heave we could stall our opponent pretty well and build this guy up.

Kazakusan is in their as sort of a back up plan. Stall the game and if the Freeze Guys and Revenant couldn't finish the job you can rely on Kazakusan to finish up some games if you have drawn all your other minions.

The Draw is kind of a weak point in the deck because we do not run Arcane Intellect because we only want to play Frost Spells. So our only draw enginge is Acolyte of Pain but with all the freeze and stalling we can do, we should be able to draw enough cards to help us out. 

I also included Commander Sivara not just because she is a new card, but she can also give us back some freezing :) or healing in form of Ice Barrier

Pretty sure this deck will not be the best but i will still try it and sureley have fun :) 

This is a theorycraft so do not craft anything - try it if you have the cards and have fun freezing your opponents :) 

Good Luck!

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