Reno Ramp Druid

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Well, this is the first guide I write, so bear with me here, I am by no means a Legend player, but I do try to do my best… any feedback on this guide and suggestions are greatly appreciated, and I'll try to answer any questions I can.


  • Matchups: Honestly, the meta hasn't settled yet since it's the first day, but I'm assuming that Hunter and Warrior won't change much in the archetype they play, so strong defensive cards that also allow us to trade against the few minions they play with cards such as Korrak the Bloodrager and Colaque are a must while we try to rush them down, Mage is going strong with Mechs that give them discounts and pings, so Wrath and Wildheart Guff are a must-include, while Paladin will want to make large boards with their mechs, so ramping up to Raid Boss Onyxia and having a defensive card draw with Miracle Growth is a must. Curse Warlock will be an unfavorable match up, since they have a board clear with Twisting Nether, while they chip away at your health with Abyssal Curses and Curse of Agony, which also deactivates Reno, ramping up and going face is a must to win, or you'll get overwhelmed with Curses
  • Inclusion choices: Why did I make the choice to include X card and not Y? Honestly… it's just preferences! These are just some synergies I thought can work out well, since they allow me to tutor for certain cards, give me extra value, allow me to take efficient trades, and have decent control of the board. This deck is by no means static and final, and should absolutely and definitely be adapted to what you face most in the meta! Think you don't need a tradeable Best in Shell because you're drawing well enough and facing too much Zoo decks? Then tech in a Doomsayer! Big Colossal minions giving you pain? Consider adding a Smothering Starfish! Remember that the ladder is always changing and the meta is still settling down, so adapt along with it. 

Best of luck with your climb to Legend, and have fun! ✌️

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