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While Freeze Shaman is already a top tier deck in Wild, it doesn't mean it can be the only deck to try and play for the class. Enter Questline OTK Shaman, which uses a few... unusual cards, but perhaps the deck may be optimized with time.


Your main goal is to stay alive, controlling the board and progressing the Quest. Once you play its reward - Stormcaller Bru'kan, your OTK combo will be Call in the Finishers -> Bioluminescence -> Lightning Bolt for 34 damage; or 68 for 2x Bolt. With your Spell Damage minions, you can achieve higher thresholds - 2x Bolt + Novice Zapper gives 72 damage; 2x Bolt + Squallhunter gives 76 damage (requires Lightning Bloom).

You can, however, have decent damage push without relying on the OTK combo. You have plenty of ways to add some stats on board - aside from Squallhunter and Canal Slogger, you have Snowfall Guardian and subsequent Brilliant Macaws that both stall the game and give a large minion on the board. Bru'kan of the Elements also adds a bit of burn damage with Fire Invocation, on top of being a flexible card that also fixes some of our problems, namely healing.


  • Always keep the Questline.
  • If you suspect an aggro deck, keep anti-aggro tools in your hand.
  • If you suspect a control deck, you can be a bit loose in your mulligan. You can possibly even keep Hagatha to get more value out of her Bewitch, and the Hero Power gets even nuttier with Bru'kan played.
  • If you suspect a combo deck, they will usually be faster, but you should keep cycle and Overload cards to progress the Questline as soon as possible to have a glimmer of hope of outracing them.

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  • brownhackwtf's Avatar
    Thrall 450 39 Posts Joined 03/31/2019
    Posted 8 months, 4 weeks ago

    Hey cool deck! But one thing I don't understand is the use of Mad Summoner. You could save 2 mana and play Send in the murlocs for 4 mana and your board is full too. This requires less mana cheat with Lightning bloom OR give you the opportunity to play your combo faster with lightning bloom.

    Will give the deck a try with my substitution.

    • Neoguli's Avatar
      Duskrider 870 562 Posts Joined 06/25/2019
      Posted 8 months, 4 weeks ago

      Perhaps that is a much better idea since I don't play Summoner until my combo turn. This does, however, leave you a little more susceptible to cards like Oh My Yogg! preventing you from even pulling off the combo, provided that the opponent didn't just cast it earlier. It may be too niche of a scenario to consider, though, thus I may just craft Finishers.


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