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Hi all,


I know at present it's all Warrior / Demon Hunter, but between the cracks of the current Meta this deck has got me to Diamond 10! (without the proper multipliers)

It originated from achievement hunting, but along the way I actually crafed Hydralodon and even the The Rat King for it (after using them of off Amalgam of the Deep many times.

The deck stands a chance against Demon Hunter, and usually walks over Warrior. Main struggle is with Quest Priest and Quest Hunter.


The deck aims to buff and discount your beasts. Your decisions matter a lot and you'll smile if your opponent leaves a Stormwind Piper alive :-)


The one drops are good, but always keep Beaststalker Tavish as's really good.

Against Quest Hunter look for the latter and your Harpoon Gun.


Early game:

Start flooding and controlling the board and try to either stick a Stormwind Piper or discover what you need with the Amalgam of the Deep Don't be shy in using your resources.
Pelican Diver into Doggie Biscuit is also very nice!

Mid game:

Here is where you try to win the game. A 5 mana Hydralodon or an ever returning The Rat King (ideally both) is quite troubling for your opponent. The Amalgam of the Deep and Warsong Wrangler allow you to dig for what you need.

Harpoon Gun trade Doggie Biscuit is also a very nice combo to get what you want.



I'm still having a lot of fun with the deck and I absolutely love Hydralodon (especially if it wins a Brawl.

I hope you enjoy as well and let me know what you think.

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