Wild Mine OTK

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Mulligan for tradeables and Shroud of Concealment. Try to control the board with Gnolls and get some face damage in if possible.

Combo is easy to execute, you need to have Snowfall Graveyard in play and Necrium Blade equipped ( Scabbs Cutterbutter allows you to play them on the same turn if necessary).  Sketchy Information can also draw  you a Necrium Blade or a Naval Mine for extra 8 or 16 damage (assuming there is a mine and graveyard in play already).

The combo can be consistently done by turn 6.

You should change one Gone Fishin' to Sir Finley, Sea Guide if you own the card, but the deck still works great without it.         

One copy of Forsaken Lieutenant instead of a Gone Fishin' is also good in the deck, but might not be worth the craft since the version without it is smoother.



If you ever wished to play a Rogue OTK deck without having an aneurysm ( Spectral Pillager ) this deck is for you!

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