Thanks Blizzard, Rogue Is Broken Again... 0 Mana 8/10 | Voyage to the Sunken City | Hearthstone

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Thanks Blizzard, Rogue Is Broken Again... 0 Mana 8/10 | Voyage to the Sunken City | Hearthstone

Why in the world would they unerf the most awful card in the whole universe?

Muligan: keep cards bellow three mana and remove the rest. The goal for this deck is to play the green cards and win the game because Rogue is now beyond broken... Synergies in this deck: Maestra of the Masquerade and Wildpaw Gnoll is really broken together because Maestra makes Wildpaw Gnoll cost zero mana if you just draw rogue cards as another class... Edwin, Defias Kingpin is a huge card draw generator and also a enormous minion on the board in the early game. Good luck, friend!

My opponents:

00:00 Aggro Murloc Warlock

03:05 Aggro Questline Pirate Warrior

06:21 Rage Quit Stream Sniper

07:41 Aggro Thief Rogue

11:03 Aggro Thief Rogue 2

13:19 Aggro Thief Rogue 3

Deck code:

### Thief Rogue # Class: Rogue # Format: Standard # Year of the Hydra # # 2x (0) Preparation # 2x (0) Shadowstep # 2x (1) Blackwater Cutlass # 2x (1) Filletfighter # 2x (1) Gone Fishin' # 1x (1) SI:7 Extortion # 2x (1) Swashburglar # 1x (2) Maestra of the Masquerade # 2x (2) Reconnaissance # 2x (2) Tooth of Nefarian # 2x (2) Wicked Stab (Rank 1) # 2x (3) Double Agent # 1x (4) Edwin, Defias Kingpin # 2x (5) Azsharan Vessel # 2x (5) Wildpaw Gnoll # 1x (6) Crabatoa # 1x (6) Mr. Smite # 1x (8) Shadowcrafter Scabbs # AAECAZvDAwah9AOh+QO/gATtgAT7igTYtgQMqusDvYAE9p8E958E7qAEuqQEu6QE+6UE+awEr7MEt7MEiskEAA== # # To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone #ChristianHearthstone #VoyagetotheSunkenCity #Hearthstone

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