Most Fun, Balanced & Interactive Deck Ever! Mech Mage | Voyage to the Sunken City | Hearthstone

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Most Fun, Balanced & Interactive Deck Ever! Mech Mage | Voyage to the Sunken City | Hearthstone

Can't take it back once they play Mechashark.

Muligan: keep whatever. The goal for this deck is to play the green cards and you win, yeah, lol. This deck is playing itself, really. Anyone in this world can win a grandmaster or a world championship by playing this deck once. It is beyond overpowered, unbalanced and BROKEN, yet Blizzard developers don't care at all, but is alright because we all know that they never did. Good luck, friends!

My opponents:

00:00 Aggro Mech Mage

03:16 Aggro Naga Demon Hunter

07:53 Aggro Pirate Rogue ( Possible Stream Sniper )

13:17 Questline Exodia Shard Priest ( Possible Stream Sniper )

Deck code:

### Amulet Mech Mage # Class: Mage # Format: Standard # Year of the Hydra # # 2x (1) Click-Clocker # 2x (2) Amalgam of the Deep # 2x (2) Annoy-o-Tron # 2x (2) Deeprun Engineer # 2x (2) Security Automaton # 2x (2) Trench Surveyor # 2x (3) Azsharan Sweeper # 2x (3) Gorillabot A-3 # 2x (3) Mecha-Shark # 1x (3) Seafloor Gateway # 2x (3) Seascout Operator # 1x (5) Ini Stormcoil # 1x (6) Balinda Stonehearth # 2x (6) Mothership # 1x (8) Gaia, the Techtonic # 1x (8) Goliath, Sneed's Masterpiece # 2x (10) Drakefire Amulet # 1x (10) Pyroblast # AAECAbTqAwapgQT/ogShsQTKtwTsugTw0wQMw/kD1qAE+qwEkrUE4bUEybcE3bkE47kE5LkEssEE2NkElKQFAA== # # To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone #ChristianHearthstone #VoyagetotheSunkenCity #Hearthstone

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