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Welcome! I'm Esparanta, a passionate Wild player who loves to explore the limits of Highlander decks. This time, though, I will do something different: I will share my insights regarding a long-forgotten archetype, which is also my favorite. It is Spell Hunter, which was born with the introduction of ancient weapon in WoW to Hearthstone called Rhok'delar. Originated from Kobolds & Catacombs (K&C) expansion, which was set in December 2017, I am more than happy to revisit it thanks to new cards from Voyage to Sunken City. Let's dive into it, shall we?


For those who played Spell Hunter during its infant times, you had to put cards that consist of anything but minions due to Rhok'delar's condition. However, as time passed by, new cards were added that let you tutor minions as Hunter, activating your weapon's condition with ease...

Thus, your plan is simple: Survive until you get 10 mana while playing spells, play Zul'jin and finish your opponent thereafter. You have a lot of ways to generate more spells, which are:

(All minions drawn, Rhok'delar is ready to go!)

If all else fails, C'Thun will shatter your opponent's mind to pieces...

  • When the game begins, C'Thun will break into pieces as four spells so that your Rhok'delar will always be active when you got all minions from your deck.
  • If you have played all four pieces, Zul'jin will reform your C'Thun again by replaying those pieces for you.



Looking for something specific? Whether you don't own cards due to budget or want to beat up other deck types, I got you covered...


That's all for this deck. Let me know if you have any questions and I will be more than happy to answer them. Have fun in Wild format and be safe!

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    Nice deck and a great guide, well done!


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