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Hey everyone!  Here's my current XL BIG WARRIOR list.  I'm sure I'll change it a little so please CRAFT AT YOUR OWN RISK.  Seriously, just put other BIG Minions in there if you don't have 'em.   This deck has been doing alright so far.  It's not tier 1 or 2, but you can climb on a good day.   I just hit D5 with it, so it's time to push for Legend!

With Prince Renathal, you have 40 health and 40 cards.  So I put some more BIG Minions in the list.  I'm trying out Conqueror's Banner for card draw and it's done well for me so far.  Also, I'm running 2 From the Depths. Usually I'm trying to hit a Big Spell or maybe an 8-drop with it (to play for 5 mana next turn).

You can check my old versions if you want more deck explanation, but I will update this if I have more success with it.  The general idea is to draw Gather Your Party and Commencement to cheat out BIG Minions.  You can also cheat mana with From the Depths.  A second one might be good.  The Big payoff cards are Woecleaver and The Boomship, especially if you get to play them cheap.

I'm still working out the mulligan....not sure with 40 health, 40 cards.  I usually keep Gather Your Party, but I'm not sure about Commencement.  I often keep cheap spells, especially against aggro (except Dead Man's Hand).

Conqueror's Banner has felt great so far!  I'm almost always drawing 2-3 cards, plus you get to see 3 of your opponents' cards.  (Of course they get to see 3 of yours as well.)  I always keep this in the mulligan.

I try to play Dead Man's Hand before The Boomship.  In general I try to play it after turn 7, and only when I have several BIG Minions in my hand.  With 40 cards, I don't think you need a 2nd Dead Man's Hand, and I may even cut it.  You have a lot of Big Minions in the deck already, so it's much tougher to draw all of them.

In the mid-game, I try to play Woecleaver.  Then you can get 2 BIG Minions on the board on the following 2 turns (assuming you have 2 to play from your hand.)  Playing The Boomship can often win games, as long as you have a few minions in your hand.  These are the only legendaries you need for the list imo.  (Besides the free Prince Renathal, of course.)

For card changes, there are quite a few options to try.  Since they "unnerfed" Shield Shatter, it may be worth trying again w/ Frozen Buckler.  Also, I might try a Brawl to help out against board-based decks like mech mage, etc.  The Lich King was a late addition to have some fun.   I'll see how it performs.  I might pull one or two BIG Minions and add a few spells if the deck struggles.

I hope you enjoy the deck, and let me know if you have any ideas.  Have fun out there.

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