Secret Infuse Hunter is VERY VERY GOOOOD !!!

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Hi Guys , 


this deck Deck has a very high winrate i got Legend with it. 


Just try it out and Infuse  your Monsters with all these dirty Rats and Wolfs  ! 

A Youtuber did  video of Gameplay : 8


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  • EnTaroAdun's Avatar 210 33 Posts Joined 04/01/2019
    Posted 2 weeks ago

    I can't believe you got Legend with this deck. It's slow and also loses the midgame, no chance vs. any of the meta decks. In a healthy meta this deck could be fun, but not in Wild atm.

    It's either Even Totem Shaman, Big Priest or OTK decks, vs none of them this deck will bring you any success. Could maybe give you the edge vs Aggro Rogue if you draw the right secrets and because of 40 Health, but didn't meet any.

    Glad I already got Legend, this deck wouldn't have helped. :/

    • Demyx's Avatar 80 1 Posts Joined 02/11/2022
      Posted 5 days, 5 hours ago

      Hey this deck has a really high monster spawn of Wolfs and rats to Infuse your Cards like Denatharius.

      The Keycard is Rats of Extra Ordinary size which fills your hand with 5/5 rats.

      A youtuber made a Gameplay video of that deck just watch how to play right.


      This Deck has very good End-Game Win-Condition  and the secrets protects you until mid game 


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