March of Twin N'Zoths

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Well, it looks like The Lich King isn't the only one who marches on the lands of living and brings death. After a long eternal slumber, upon hearing his plans, the corrupted twin gods are also on their ways to cause destruction and death.

(Twin N'Zoths in action!)

(20 battles with 65% win-rate. Looks like Twin N'Zoths aren't that bad.)


Edwin was hired by twin N'Zoths to bring death to anyone who confronts him. Fortunately, he has a trick or two up his sleeve and completing his mission won't be a big deal...


( back!)

What matters the most is for twin N'Zoths: If either of them are wounded, they can fall back with Time Rewinder and Bloodthistle Toxin to counterattack later on the battlefield.

  • Potionmaster Putricide: As a tactician and experimenter, he likes to form up a wide array of potions from the dead to toss into the battlefield, spreading the death even further. One can look at this picture below to see the brilliance of the Professor...

(Putricide, still brewing potions while settling things with Rexxar nearby a graveyard.)

(How many of twin N'Zoths will come back? Who knows?)

(Aftermath of Implock thanks to Flesh Behemoth and Kel'Thuzad. Gul'dan looks very deadly.)

  • Sonya Shadowdancer: She is always eager to fight and covers her comrades if they fall. She dances with shadows thanks to her cloak and brings her fallen comrades to first-aid tent, so they can return the battle anytime...

(A kobold was saved from the battlefield!)


If you've read it so far, that means you really are interested in this guide, and of course, the deck itself. Thanks for reading, I had a very good bang out of preparing this guide and playing it. It's really funny deck to fool around, yet some people might not be able to experience it the same due to lack of cards and/or dust, maybe even preferences. In that case, I'm here to save you from any trouble, so keep reading...

That's all for this deck. Thanks for reading and have a good day or night, wherever you are. Have fun in Wild format!

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    For best game experience, play this deck with Edwin the Renegade 😀 If you have any questions, feel free to reply this comment here.


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