The Shallow Grave of N'Zoth Bros

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After their recent battle with The Lich King and emerged victorious, N'Zoth brothers decided it's time to go home. While travelling, they encountered a merchant who wants to sell a graveyard called The Shallow Grave. Intrigued by her offer, twin N'Zoths decided they wanted to have a look as they want to invest in for business operations.


So, what could their business be? "Spreading the death into the living, I presume?" asked Gul'dan, the owner of The Shallow Grave and a war veteran, as he greeted twin N'Zoths graciously. "So, twin warlords decided to expand their military operations? Very well, I'll be more than happy to oblige." Gul'dan said with a sinister voice as he starts telling how he used to fight with their enemies...

That's how Gul'dan used his base to expand his territory. He went on talking about daily chores to keep his management ongoing as twin N'Zoths listened to him with keen eyes...

After hearing Gul'dan's insights, twin N'Zoths offered him a position to replace Edwin as they agreed on the fact that Gul'dan is more experienced than a newcomer like Edwin. With the trio set on journey to conquest, they checked upon their mercenaries further to see what's up...


Thanks for reading my guide, hope you enjoyed. Most of minions you will summon throughout the game can grant you health and armor. So, in a way, this deck...

  • Excels in beating up Aggro decks and Secret Mage.
  • Fights fair against other Control variants
  • Bad if you face decks which are fast, such as Combo ones.

Anyways, let me know how this deck fares well for you and have fun in Wild format!

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