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Just wanted a make a deck using Chickens, the concept here isn't new but its still fun to work with. 

What I like to do is get Spirit of the Lynx and/or Untamed Beastmaster into play before I throw out the Angry Chicken or Gurubashi Chicken around turn 5 or 6 so I can put Dire Frenzy on them immediately.

Rest of the deck is mostly classic hunter style, primary focus is boosting the chickens for the most enjoyment, but I also like using the Springpaw to boost the Scavenging Hyena to 6/4 on turn 3 when my hand is cooperating.

I've ran 25 games at rank 19 and it has winrate of 48% so its nothing spectacular. I really don't think this deck is competitive but it sure is fun to play!

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