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Secret Pally has been one of the strongest decks around for a long time.  As a powerful tempo deck, your job is to keep the pressure on. Be aggressive and pile on the face damage.  The abundance of secrets makes your minions sticky and keeps your opponents guessing. 

Powerful combos like Knife Juggler-Muster for Battle or Steward of Darkshire-Muster for Battle generate both value and tempo at the same time.  Don't be afraid to spend all your cards, as you have two Divine Favors ready to refill your hand. 

Your primary win condition is to generate an explosive start and aggressively whittle down their health.  Spellbreakers and Sunkeeper Tarim keep your opponent honest and gets rid of problematic minions.  Sunkeeper Tarim also provides a strong burst opportunity.

Big Priest isn't a good match-up for this deck.  Try to burst them down before getting to the later turns.  Use Spellbreaker on Obsidian Statue.  You must try to go face as hard as possible.

Mulligan: Righteous Protector, Shielded Minibot, Mad Scientist, Muster for Battle.  Obviously, don't keep any secrets in hand haha.

Substitutes: Hydrologist, Secretkeeper, Sir Finley Mrrgglton, Call to Arms

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