[Boar OTK] Miracle OTK Priest

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Good old miracle nomi priest without nomi, but with Boar! I believe it is much stronger cuz the otk, you should be afraid if your oppenent have answer to clean your chef nomi.

Versus warrior should use 2x Seance on boar, to make High Priest Amet + 2x Divine Spirit + 2x Stonetusk Boar + 2x Topsy Turvy for 56 dmg

but basic combo is High Priest Amet + 2x Divine Spirit + Stonetusk Boar + Topsy Turvy for 28 dmg (Power Word: Shield for more if you have)

basically in averange you should draw your combo somewhen aroud Turn 7 or 8, so really fast



two Lazul's Scheme for Mass Hysteria/Zilliax/Forbidden Words/Divine Hymn depends on your gameplay and collection

also you could include Chef Nomi for 1 Lazul's Scheme to have another win condition

the deck itself is cheap af so you can try it :)


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