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Alright! Saviors of Uldum has just been released and the meta has shifted a good bit with everybody trying out all the new cards in both Standard and Wild.

For this though, we're returning to a classic deck for Warlock that has been an absolute powerhouse since it began it's rise, Renolock!


Not too much has changed, and the archetype has been around long enough that explanation of the main core isn't really needed. You control the board, summon good deathrattles and demons, and refill your board with said minions using N'Zoth, the Corruptor and Bloodreaver Gul'dan, and your trusty pal Reno Jackson is there for you when your health gets low.


Moving on to the new stuff though! There is three fantastic Saviors of Uldum cards that made it into this deck.

The first card is a lot better in practice than it seems on paper. Khartut Defender is incredibly powerful. being a 3/4 that comes back once as a 3/1 with a deathrattle that heals you for 3 is very strong, not to even mention the synergy he has with N'Zoth, the Corruptor.

The second new card is pretty bonkers for a rare card. Expired Merchant is insanely good value, discarding your N'Zoth, the Corruptor or Bloodreaver Gul'dan and giving you two copies back as a deathrattle, and being a 2/1 body makes this card convenient for setting up either Defile or Lord Godfrey. And if you really want to go to value town, drop down Brann Bronzebeard before playing this card so you discard both cards and get two copies of each back! This is the only golden card in my deck, to save big dust and still get those nice golden cards.

The third card and one of my all time new favorites, Zephrys the Great. I have been playing this deck constantly since the expansion release, and every time I play this card it either saves my life, gets me really ahead, or just gives me a flat out lethal. Absolutely perfect card to slot into any Reno deck

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