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Deck Overview

This deck is very similar the old spell hunter from Rise of Shadows. Your goal is to play the quest and then control the board at each turn while buffing your minions with dire frenzy depending on the matchup you are playing. There are a lot of cards that will help you keep the board from getting too out of control: Deadly Shot, Explosive Trap, Marked Shot, and Springpaw. Zul'jin can cause a massive board swing later in the game to help you get to a turn to finish your opponent with an army of buffed up chargers. With Master's Call you have plenty of cycle to ensure that you get to all of your cards to end the game.

Activating Unseal the Vault

Unlike other quests that you want to get online as quickly as possible, Unseal the Vault is your win condition that you will use as your win condition to finish the game. You can play slowly at the start looking to control board while sometimes waiting for a big enough board to play Unleash the Hounds or Swarm of Locusts. If you follow either of those cards up with Revenge of the Wild, your quest is more than likely completed and you can go for a big lethal turn featuring Tundra Rhino. Be careful to try and play your Zul'jin before completing the quest so that you don't lose the hero power, if you complete the quest by playing Zul'jin you keep the quest hero power.

There is a 30+ damage combo you can do if it is absoulutely necessary, most games you need less than 30 damage for lethal. You need to Dire Frenzy one Timber Wolf, and land the discount from Scarlet Webweaver on Tundra Rhino to do more than 30 damage in one turn. Discounted Tundra Rhino, one buffed Timber Wolf and Swarm of Locusts buffed by hero power is 31 damage for 9 mana. With two buffed Timber Wolfs, you get 40 damage for 10 mana. I don't know how viable this will be, but it should be fun to attempt nonetheless.

Mulligan Strategy

You always start with the quest so that will take up one of you mulligan slots, you need to play it to win the game. You are playing a combo deck, not an aggressive deck. There are 3 types of cards to keep in addition to the quest in your opening hand.

Always Keep

Animal Companion and Master's Call

Paladin, Warlock, Hunter, Shaman, and Rogue:

Unleash the Hounds, Explosive Trap, Marked Shot, and Springpaw


Swarm of Locusts and Dire Frenzy

Mage, Druid, and Priest:

Deadly Shot


Paladin, Warlock, Hunter, Shaman, and Rogue:

These are the most aggressive decks in the game currently. You are playing a control game here with your resources until you can Unseal the Vault to finish what health they haven't traded away already. Play each of them to gain as much tempo as possible each turn and look to cycle your Vicious Scalehide + Dire Frenzy to keep you alive.

Mage, Druid, and Priest:

You are the aggressive deck in these matchups, look extra hard for Animal Companion and Deadly Shot for massive tempo swings. The earlier you get your draw engine going, the better. Don't forget to jam your hero power throughout the match so you don't need as much damage to finish them off at the end of the game. 


This is a hard matchup. This is the only real matchup that you need to look to OTK your opponent. Make sure to play your Dire Frenzy and Master's Call before Zul'jin and really try to wait to complete the quest until after you play Zul'jin. A couple of good damage swings will win the game in the end though.

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