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Malygos Quest Drood

Last updated 11 months, 3 weeks ago
  • Archetype Malygos Druid
  • Format Wild
  • Deck Type Ranked
  • Views 366
  • Crafting Cost 12120
  • Your Cost 12120
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How to Play It

Malygos + 2*Moonfire has made Druid capable of some version of an OTK deck possible for many years of Hearthstone. This deck perfectly exemplifies the great challenge of playing Combo decks. There are many ways to win, none of which are easy to find or to put yourself in position for (steps for the combo below). Your entire goal of the deck is to set up massive swing turns while drawing as many cards as possible to finally end the game with an OTK. There are nothing but removal tools, draw, healing and combo pieces in the deck. Unlike other Quest Druid decks; this deck uses Untapped Potential to draw and stay alive, rather than as the win condition itself. Untapped Potential makes up for a lack of removal once you have 2 rushing 5/5s Oasis Surger, a rushing poisonous 4/6 Wardruid Loti, deal 4 draw a card Wrath, deal 7 to one minion and 2 to all others Starfall, and Floop's Glorious Goop to allow you to play all of your removal in one turn and leave a board presence. When you can stabilize with a Taunt and heal 12 against aggro Hidden Oasis, it makes the game instantly winnable. This deck creams slow decks and stands a good chance against aggro with incredibly powerful swing turns around turns 5/6/7, it's a blast to play!

Combo Steps 

For the guaranteed full OTK you must draw almost your entire deck and satisfy the following conditions:

1. Play Malygos with Flobbidinous Floop in hand.

2. Play an activated Elise the Enlightened with Flobbidinous Floop and 2 Moonfire, and no more than 2 other cards or your copy is not guaranteed. ***The copied version of Flobbidinous Floop will keep its copy as Malygos***

3. The final step is to play Flobbidinous Floop which copied the Malygos, then the other Flobbidinous Floop and 4 Moonfire to face.

4. 44 Damage, POGCHAMP!!!

You can also create other win conditions by utilizing the discount off Dreampetal Florist on Malygos. A final win condition (if you had to play Malygos early) is to copy Pounce repeatedly with infinite Elise the Enlightened + Flobbidinous Floop. In my opinion, nothing in Hearthstone is more satisfying than killing a Warrior at 44 health or any other deck from full to 0.

How to Beat It

If you can build a board that is unanswerable for the Druid's removal, it will lose. The Mage has been such a difficult matchup once Luna's Pocket Galaxy is up, due to the lack of a big board clear. Your focus should be to take advantage of the 4 unoptimal turns required to complete the quest by racking up damage and creating a massive board at the end of the game that it cannot remove. Keep in mind that the Druid can swing it's health dramatically while also creating a board. If you find your health getting low against it, make sure you are out of minimum damage range of roughly 12. The deck suffers to early big minions, Combo Priest is particularly polarizing and Aggro Warrior with Rampage can have a field day. With the 3 best counters to this deck getting nerfed, look to find ways to beat this deck in the future. 

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