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Control Priest decklist I've been messing around with in ranked. Does decently well against everything except Control Warrior and CC Mage. I haven't been able to play on my pc so I dont have any data to show. This deck is all about generating good cards and fatiguing the opponent. Notable exclusions of cards that would provide more control and value are High Priest Amet, Psychopomp, and Plague of Death. This is simply because I don't have those cards in my collection yet, but I would love to add them (If and when I do get them I will update this decklist to incude them and my exclusions).

There are some odd picks in this like: Body Wrapper and Quicksand Elemental that I'm just trying out, but I have to say that they dont ever feel terrible. Body Wrapper I can just place when I need board presence to get a decent body, 1 less fatigue turn, and I get to recieve a extra value generator that has died. Quicksand Elemental can create better trades on board and allow for Cabal Shadow Priest to take any 3 - 4 attack minion. I will say though that this card is very situational and is probably first on the chopping block should I get any of the cards I mentioned above.

Notable good card that I didn't expect to be amazing: Vulpera Scoundrel. Turns out that an unconditional Firetree Witchdoctor with the added upside of being able to pick for a random spell instead, if the discover options are terrible, is really good. Honestly this card is one of the stars of the deck and I dont know why more people aren't using it.

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