Baku Wants to Befriend All Dragons!

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      To witness the attempt of Baku the Mooneater building a friendship with Dragons because every living being is scared of Baku. Tyrande Whisperwind, Priestess of the Moon, on the other hand, is against such a friendship with them because Baku has a bad history behind the Moons. Befriending Baku is very Odd as a Priestess, after all. She doesn't want Elune being devoured by such a foul Beast.



      Despite her protests, Baku is determined to befriend Dragons. So, Baku has to prove that she is not after Elune, The Moon Goddess...


Kabal Courier Card Image

Drakonid Operative Card ImageKalecgos Card Image


      To start with, Baku sent Kabal Courier to Darnassus as a messenger to explain her real motives: She feels so alone that she wants to meet new friends, mostly Dragons. A letter from Kalecgos will assure to Tyrande that no harm will come to her Night Elven lands and her Goddess.


Drakonid Operative Card ImageBrightwing Card ImageVulpera Scoundrel Card Image


      Even better, Baku will call for reinforcements whenever Darnassus is in danger. What could Tyrande ask for? Baku really loves to help despite her bad history with Moons...


Blackwing Corruptor Card ImageSunreaver Warmage Card ImageCrowd Roaster Card Image


      Also, Baku will greet enemies of Night Elves with fire as illustrated above. By fire, be purged!


      So, it looks like Tyrande will trust Baku. What do you think? Feel free to comment if needed and have fun in Wild format!

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    Awesome deck guide. Thanks!


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