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My version of the incredibly fun Big Warrior deck in wild. 

Game plan is fairly obvious - live till turn 5/6 then drop big things until they run out of removal. 

The recent addition of Blatant Decoy added a beautiful way to disrupt those quest mages and keep a sticky board whilst being yet another way to cheat mana. 

Big priest can normally out-do you through resources, but since the Barnes nerf I've been seeing fewer on ladder - if you do fight them try to out flood them around turn 8/9 as you're not likely to win the long match. 

Against aggro you may end up with a low life total, but can normally stabilise. The beauty of big minions is that you only need one or two to stick to bring a quick win. 

I've not included the big armour cards such as Yip or shield slam - I've found against aggro you'll struggle to keep armour and vs control you're fighting against board clears mostly anyway. 

I've tried putting Vargoth in but found him to be greedy - the odds of pulling him with Gather Your Party or Dimensional Ripper is slim - and by turn 6 where you can combo with armour up it's normally better to be playing something big instead. 

This deck is satisfying to play, can have huge swings, and will climb the ladder the way wild's meant to be played with chunky fat steps.  

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