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Hello Hunters,

While most Quest decks go all-out aggro with a Mech or Beast-centric build, I love the Control lifestyle and have been having a lot of fun with the Secret shell.  I don't play a ton of ladder, but took this version from R14 to R10 so it's at least viable in the middling ranks.

General Strategy:


Almost always keep Questing Explorer, but otherwise... 

Against aggro (e.g. Murloc Paladin/Shaman, Aggro Warrior, Zoolock, Token Druid):

Against slower decks (e.g. Control Warrior, Quest Paladin/Druid/Priest/Warlock)

And then there are situational keeps based on the other cards you have or the specific opponent.  For example:

If I have a nice 1,2,3 curve (e.g. Quest, Questing Explorer, Ursatron/SN1P-SN4P/Desert Spear) I'll keep Subject 9 to replenish/thin the deck.

Against Rogues I'll sometimes keep Rat Trap (especially if I have Secret Keeper or Sunreaver Spy) because I'm pretty confident they'll trigger it early with all the lackeys and back stabs.  I'll also keep Snipe against them because they have a lot of 3 and 4 health minions they like to play early like EVIL Miscreant.

And when I face Hunters I'll often keep Secretkeeper and coin it out on Turn 1 to counter Secret/Highlander Hunters who often play a secret on T2.

Potential Alterations:

Specific Substitues:

Just leave a comment below and we can talk about substituting specific cards based on your collection!


Happy Hunting :D

- Rang

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