Healock's Apprentice

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  • Archetype Heal Druid
  • Format Wild
  • Deck Type Just For Fun
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  • Crafting Cost 10240
  • Your Cost Coming Soon
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Malfurion grew desperate, as Thrall triggered his Hero Power once more, just like every turn beforehand. With Lucentbark standing strong, the only thing going through his mind was "If he has another Lifedrinker, I am no more." And so it happened: Thrall played the insect without hesitation and achieved victory once more.

Malfurion, angrier than ever before, realized that he will never be able to defeat a questing opponent. Lucentbark just wasn't good enough.

Suddenly, a hooded figure appeared.

"I see your strategies, archdruid. I applaud your efforts in restoration for a greater purpose. Your colored treant is truly a remarkable creature. However, it is not the most effective, as you might have noticed."

Malfurion greeted the stranger and thanked him for his kind words. Although he seemed unconventional, the druid felt surprisingly comfortable in his presence.

"Lucentbark might not be the most effective creature, but he is the reason I play this deck, stranger. So what if it's not perfect, I like the way I play."


"Now, now, archdruid, we both know you can do better.
As interesting as your little tree might be, your deck would be a lot better without him."

Malfurion, angered by the stranger's conceit, attempts to leave without causing trouble.

"I don't take guidance from anyone, especially from shady strangers."

"If that is true, forgive me, archdruid. I am Gul'dan, champion of Heal'ock, and I offer my knowledge to you. My power was once great, but now I am mostly forgotten. However, you could be a great successor and be able to destroy any enemy that crosses your path, even in the earliest moments of a match! If you would be so kind to hear me out, you will see that it would be very helpful to you.

You must give something to get something. You need to play your cards carefully to get the best out of them. And since the world of today is tougher than before, I fear that full aggression is no longer the key to victory. Never forget, archdruid: Value is the king of the modern world.

Sacrifices will have to be made, but the reward will surely
pay off. And if you find yourself in trouble, there will be ways to protect yourself and recover.

But if you want to win, you must leave Lucentbark. It has no place in a champion's deck, such as yours. What do you say, friend?"

Malfurion listened to every word, shaping his clever response to Gul'dan's suggestion, but as he kept talking, the druid was becoming more and more aware that such a change was necessary. Realizing that he must abandon everything and become second to a warlock, he sighed and dropped a tear.

"When we're done...

Make sure Lucentbark is safe.

That's all I ask for."

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