Big Dumb Highlander Quest

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What happens when you try to mash three different archetypes into one? You get this crazy Sh*t.

Mulligan for those Reborn minions. Try to complete the quest ASAP (using the Brewmasters if you have to (you will have to)).

Your two gameplans are to either out-value/grind your opponent down using massive swing turns like Ragnaros/Emperor Wraps or N'zoth, or using the Zephrys/Bells combo (you don't need the Faceless for your Apprentice because of Emperor Wraps.) Alternatively, using Zephrys, you can Bloodlust/Savage Roar if/when your board has grown big enough.

Try to see what other crazy minions you can substitute in. Undatakah would be pretty crazy. Kel'Thuzad might be a bit slow but a good choice if you don't want to run the Deathrattle package. Plus, using Emperor Wraps to make a second Kel'Thuzad for potential chain ressurection sounds Intradesting.


I have fairly high expectations for this deck once the old Wild cards temporarily rotate into standard. The Rag combo and N'zoth are both Nuts with this deck. Big downsides will be losing Reno, so you'll have to try extra hard to get that Zilliax onto a big mech, along with losing out on most of your draw.

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