Singleton control dragon paladin.

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  • Archetype Dragon Paladin
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So you want to play control paladin? In this time of year? In this part of the meta?


Well okay then, but keep in mind it's still control paladin one of the worst control classes at this point if not THE worst, but okay this deck has a dragon theme to it, it has all of the dragon cards in it i could cram into it and it's working pretty well so far, but if you'd rather tech them out instead that's perfectly fine i'll go on later about that.


But first off, like a warning in front of south park or an action movie, i must have a disclaimer, control isn't a great thing to play right now, it's only good if you enjoy tormenting yourself like i do where you lose to a lucky opponent. But if you see what I see, if you feel as I feel, and if you would seek as I seek, then I ask you to stand beside me, fellow control player and play a couple games if you want to.


If you want to play a control version of control paladin with an actual win condition that's fun there's my other deck which has a nice late game win condition and is pretty cheap compared to this one(although it's really depending on your collection)


Now into the guide!


Best includes in my opinion!

These are the cards that the deck ABSOLUTELY CANNOT live without if you tech anything out that's alright i'm 100% for change i'm a young guy, but these cards are essential for the deck.

Equality- The first couple will be really obvious as to why they're auto includes and welded to the deck with my pure iron will, Equality+Consecration will always have a special home in my heart but i will cheat on the combo sometimes with my side girls Equality+Wild Pyromancer or even in this case Equality+Dragonmaw Scorcher It's pretty essential for clearing big minions with combos like these or even just silverhand recruits.

Consecration- See the definition for Equality and if you're not yet convinced it's useful for clearing small boards alone since we have a lot of redundancy for the Equality clears.

Shrink Ray- There is a reason i didn't talk about this yet in the Equality or Consecration definitions, and that's because most of the time you don't combo this with a clear card like wild pyro or cons, it's just a good stall card, that turns big bois into little bois, of course if you're up against some hipster still playing giants mage then yeah you can't just leave those minions on board, like i say in every guide i make, you must have a brain to pilot any deck!

Truesilver Champion- almost every game you play a paladin deck with there will be something on the opponent's turn where you can play a 4/2 weapon on your turn to get rid of it, and still have it for another one. Not good enough to keep in the mulligan but if you see it auto-fill into your hand after a mulligan you're never disappointed about it.

Draw-No this isn't an old fashion western it's the "cards that draw cards" section, and yes they're pretty important! Cards like Loot Hoarder, Acolyte of Pain, and Hammer of Wrath(flash will get it's own explanation when i'm talking about kangor since they're the same card imo). I don't think i need to explain more than by saying the deck needs draw, these cards are good for that and help you fight for board a small amount so you can save AOE a fair amount.

Dragons(and their friends)- This would almost seem obvious in a dragon theme deck, i mean look up there at the top it literally says "Dragon Paladin", that being said i do run some extraneous ones which i will cover further below but still i see it fit to say it now.

  • Bronze Herald- probably the worst dragon in this deck and it's just there for filler mostly but i've had some pretty good results with it even without Glowstone Technician which i thought to add into this deck as well, but decided against, it's pretty good for extra fuel late game or when you don't want to waste a Scaleworm or a Spellbreaker when you're playing for tempo.
  • Firetree Witchdoctor- This dragonic doctor is good for fishing out cards, paladin has a lot of cards you'd think would be good in certain situations but you don't want to tech into your deck, cards like Lightforged Blessing, time out, sound the bells, Subdue or even extra AOE, the list goes on, pretty good tool, i'd run two if i wasn't as unlucky as i am.
  • Nightmare Amalgam- turns out Spider Tank is pretty good included mostly for redundancy with The Curator and the dragon synergies but it's still a pretty good turn three play when you're not holding it for a Scaleworm or something.
  • Twilight Drake-Mostly for redundancy but also because it's a good dragon and since we're playing a control deck we're going to have a big hand pretty much all game so it's usually always good.
  • Dragonmaw Scorcher-expensive Wild Pyromancer that has the word "dragon" on it, basically it, fight for board with lackeys pretty well, but it's mostly in here for extra removal, so you don't feel so bad about using the Consecration
  • Scaleworm-Pretty good most of the time, the rush is really great basically 4 mana deal 5 a lot of the time and that's not that bad.
  • Crowd Roaster-Good removal, always nice.

Alright cards i wouldn't really mind if you remove but i like them in the deck.

Alright another disclaimer because i REALLY just don't have the energy to fight with people in the comment section about anything unless i have to, Yes i actually play the deck as is with no changes, BGH and all, and i am confident in it as is. But if you aren't fine with that or don't have as many legendaries that's fine there's a section for that further below. You do you.

  • Doomsayer- Ah yes a control deck staple, REALLY bad in a deathrattle central meta though, if you play this and an opponent plays a Mechano-Egg you'll be kicking yourself pretty bad for the rest of the game which probably won't last much longer because you just gave your opponent a free giant but against lackeys it's usually pretty good.
  • Mind Control Tech- it was a cold day in hell when blizzard implemented this card, mostly because the devil set up shop in the hearthstone game as this card. How dare your opponent play more than 3 minions, they should have known better to be honest.
  • Vulpera Scoundrel- good for any deck made by an aspiring furry or if you want more of that paladin spell goodness, and i am one of these, just don't try to guess that hard as to which.
  • Spellbreaker- it's four mana and it silences and it has good stats, pretty good, i enjoy running it because i am generally unlucky and i tech in tech cards to compensate for that, if you are more confident than me feel free to remove.
  • Big Game Hunter- Same as Spellbreaker, i enjoy covering all my bases, subdue is good but just killing it is better.

Okay the really odd section the legendary bit!

If you don't have these ones the singleton lifestyle probably isn't for you bro...

  1. Sir Finley of the Sands- good on turn two EVERY TIME, if you draw it. Paladin hero power is good for fighting for board, priest heal is good sustain or board control with a bigger minion say Twilight Drake, tank up is good for sustain like priest but especially good with Nozari and High Priest Thekal if you're running them, rogue hero power is good for board control but not as good as mage hero power or paladin hero power, and hunter hero power is pretty much useless unless your opponent is about to die anyway and they're playing a class like hunter and you're at full health to finish them off, personally i enjoy letting them wallow in the despair of you tanking up out of their pathetic hero power and countering every big play they think up.
  2. Zephrys the Great- the card that started the highlander/singleton trend again, in the words of trumpSC before this was released "The neutral legendary for the singleton decks has to be really good for it to work out"(paraphrasing a bit) and it did, mostly in the deck for extra AOE when you're out of everything(and don't want to deathwing in my case) but a tirion is always good too.

Okay the MEAT of the legendary section where it all comes down to, where the high dust cost of the deck is lmao

  • Crystalsmith Kangor- VERY good card for healing early game, as i've said in my other deck paired with Flash of Light you heal for 8 and that's pretty great, but the best bit is your aggro opponent HAS to remove the kangor, because the threat of healing for double is so high it's real dangerous for their gameplan, so usually you heal for 12 when you play kangor-flash and avoid some chip damage face on the turn after, it's a pretty good buffer if you're trying to bait out an AOE on your opponent.
  • High Priest Thekal- This card is really good in my opinion but i wouldn't be opposed to you leaving him out, sure healing up to 49 health(30 health+29 armor) after you play him is the dream and just makes you feel good, but it's not always happening friend, and especially with this deck more than my other deck you have a lot more plays in the early game other than just AOE, so it's okay to leave him out if you don't want to play him i feel.
  • Brightwing- i literally crafted this card right before i made this deck, and i think it's pretty good most of the time just for extra fuel in the late game, and i like the dragon archetype a lot so this card not being rotated out any time soon was very appealing so if you think that way too, craft if ya wanna. Otherwise it's a good early game play in the deck that isn't AOE, and that's pretty good.
  • The Curator The card that's back from wild and it's a sleeper in my opinion from looking at decks people have made. In this deck it draws out 2 murlocs(finley and amalgam), 3 beasts (amalgam, scaleworm, and shirvallah), and a shit ton of dragons, mostly plan to draw three cards with this.
  • Nozari- Speaking of sleepers this dragon is amazing for control paladin, your shitty lackey shit or lucky AF quest rogue opponent put you down to 3 health and won't stop emoting, and then you play this card and beat their ass, the most lethargic thing in hearthstone in my opinion. not to mention thekal combo against other control decks(if you find any let me know i've been looking)
  • Shirvallah, the Tiger-This kitty is pretty sketchy early game in this deck, since it's singleton and dragon themed we don't run a lot of redundancy for it, but i've played it at 6 and eight mana and it's still REALLY GOOD, but that may just be me, in late game (10-15 turns in)it's usually costing zero if what i just said scared you off of it.
  • Deathwing- Finally big daddy is here, it's last on purpose because that's when you play him. if you play this card and you still have aoe in hand you're just BM-ing your opponent which i can respect, but you better win after that i don't condone losers that BM.

Mulligan guide!


Cards you want depend on matchup, like any control deck, but here are some ones you DEFINITELY like seeing in the opening hand.

  1. Sir Finley of the Sands- obvious reasons, upgraded hero power is always good, get that tank up going, or dudes to fight for board, or whatever you need.
  2. High Priest Thekal- Spider tank to fight for board, let's you use kango+flash early game without wasting it, let's you priest hero power your face if you so desire. Always good early.
  3. Doomsayer- If you're going to get shit on by a deathrattle minion with this it's far less likely if you play it early, it also contests an EVIL Totem from shaman pretty well.
  4. Firetree Witchdoctor- 2/2 on two isn't bad all things considered if active, try to pick a spell that's good in the matchup, if you need AOE get it, if you need a new challenger or sound the bells get it if you need heal get it.
  5. Brightwing- you don't mulligan for this specifically you want finley 100% of the time in every game, but it's nice having a 3/2 on board even if it's on turn 3

Mulligan for finley every single game, since the upgraded hero power is really oppressive in most situations(why do you think they HoF genn and baku right after they added them lmao). If you have finley try to get early game plays to fight for board, like twilight drakes and brightwings, and firetree witchdoctors, doomsayers, thekal, or scaleworms.


Playing guide!

Babies first control deck huh? That's okay we all start somewhere. Try to bait out your opponent into your AOE, why use AOE on 3 or 4 minions when you can play something small or summon a silverhand recruit so they could play into a 5-7 minion AOE. If your opponent has 7 minions but they all have 1 attack probably don't worry about it too much if you're at a high health total, but if you're hand is about to overflow then probably deal with it. Don't swing face with the Truesilver Champion i know that eight damage is tempting but it's more suited for killing minions. That goes the same for hammer of wrath if you can help it(or it's a control matchup you can hit face with it if you need to).

After that it's really up to you, there's a reason training wheels are temporary, you need to go out there and beat that lackey shit, and those quest rogues.


Some replays!

Take these with a bit of leeway since i only play in casual mode!

Vs lackey quest evolve shaman

Vs mogu cultist quest combo paladin

Vs Odd deck renounce lock

Vs lackey shit renounce lock


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  • eazy's Avatar Bulbasaur 85 19 Posts Joined 06/04/2019
    Posted 1 day, 14 hours ago

    Hi OP, I think I will try your deck, looks really fun and fresh! I have one question though, as I miss the good old control pally Aldor + Kodo combo. (I guess Aldor could be replaced with Subdue now). Kodo is also a beast, so could be an extra draw with Curator.

    Have you tested it? Which cards would you cut for including them? My guess is to remove Vulpera and BGH. 


    • clawz161's Avatar Mountain 180 71 Posts Joined 07/16/2019
      Posted 1 day, 12 hours ago

      You could probably remove BGH like you said and vulpera or bronze herald for it. I just like BGH

  • clawz161's Avatar Mountain 180 71 Posts Joined 07/16/2019
    Posted 2 days, 3 hours ago

    If you need me to go into more detail about something let me know!

    • clawz161's Avatar Mountain 180 71 Posts Joined 07/16/2019
      Posted 2 days, 3 hours ago

      The legendary section was supposed to be explaining why i use the legends, and if you want to switchout out the highend to legends you have that aren't those that would be fine, cards like nozari, deathwing, curator, brightwing, thekal, you can swap out, if you don't want to play them, ragnaros, and sylvannus are free and in standard if you want to use those.

  • Horus's Avatar Lava Coil 505 508 Posts Joined 05/29/2019
    Posted 2 days, 4 hours ago

    Dragon Paladin, now that's an archetype that been - unsuccessfully - pushed for a while now ...
    I'm curious to read this guide when it comes

  • Elfensilver's Avatar Valeera 145 49 Posts Joined 03/14/2019
    Posted 2 days, 10 hours ago

    What about Subdue? I found it to be a good card (not in your deck, since I lack to many of both Epics and Legendarys), and it's cheaper than big game Hunter, while also synergizing with wild Pyromancer and Shrivalla.

    • clawz161's Avatar Mountain 180 71 Posts Joined 07/16/2019
      Posted 2 days, 5 hours ago

      yeah like most of the stuff in this deck i slotted it since i had it, BGH has been a favorite for me for a while and is really in there as a tech against quest pally, but i haven't fought against a lot of those so feel free to use subdue instead.

  • polarbear7's Avatar Magma Rager 145 15 Posts Joined 05/28/2019
    Posted 4 days, 6 hours ago

    Seems like a fun deck to play, but I'd swap deathwing for yesera, she provides more value

    • clawz161's Avatar Mountain 180 71 Posts Joined 07/16/2019
      Posted 4 days, 5 hours ago

      Use it if you got it, i like having the extra last ditch AOE since it's a singleton deck.


      Awakens isn't a 100% chance for you to get, you could even use ragnaros since it's free real estate now

  • clawz161's Avatar Mountain 180 71 Posts Joined 07/16/2019
    Posted 6 days, 2 hours ago

    Please let me know what you think!


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