Flamewaker is back!

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A first attempt at making good use of Flamewaker, now that he is back in town!

Mulligan should be quite clear: mulligan for [Hearthstone Card (Sorcerer's Apprentice[/card, Flamewaker and Questing Adventurer

I like to think about the deck as a "triple threat" one: you can normally win by comboing Apprentice + Flamewaker + cheap spells for a OTK, an early Adventurer (it's normally GG if you opponent fails to kill it quickly) or a discounted Antonidas + cheap spells for a lot of fireballs to face; and sometimes a combination of all of them. Just try not to fall too behind in board/health, as the bigger your opponent's board, the more shots from Flamewaker will land on minions and not the enemy hero. 

Good luck! 


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