10-0 Taunt Warrior

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Hi everyone, 

this deck needs further testing, but in the current Meta it works wonderful. 
I went 10-0 so far, so I think its worth sharing, even if 10 games is not enough, it gives me the impression that its at least not bad ;-)

Here the proof:


You will:

  • Make Shaman cry (both Evolve and Murloc)
  • Let Secret Pals play their secrets as many as they want and simply fatique them
  • Outarmor and -heal OTK Pal
  • Autowin against any Rogue
  • Probably lose to Res-Priest (after a 30-40 minute game)

I can write a more detailed guide, but the TL;DR version is:

  • Clear with rush and spells
  • Taunt and taunt
  • Be greedy with your N'Zoth and play him as late as possible. 

Let me know what you think!

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