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Alright, so the re-introduction of Kun the Forgotten King and Emperor Thaurissan pushed this deck over the edge. This climb to Legend was one of the most fun ever and I got to do it with an OTK deck. At one point I had a 13-0 streak from Rank 3 to 1, this deck is that good!

There are so many ways to get this combo off via discounts to Malygos and Kun the Forgotten King, then you can copy them with Elise the Enlightened for up to 83 damage in a turn! 

Combo Steps:

There are so many ways to get the combo, so this will be a bit complicated. Instead of steps, I will list goals.

Goal 1. Use discounts to make 2x Malygos in one turn possible

Use Jepetto Joybuzz, Dreampetal Florist, and Emperor Thaurissan to get discounts on your Malygos and/or Kun the Forgotten King. You can also play Malygos followed by Elise the Enlightened to get 2x Flobbidinous Floop that can copy Malygos in the same turn. 

Goal 2: Copy damage enough damage cards for an OTK

The change to Elise the Enlightened copying your left-most cards in hand makes this much easier. You will need to end up with 2x Malygos in your hand and a few Moonfire for enough damage after the hand copy.

Goal 3: Play your Malygos and OTK with Spells

This is the easy step, but if you are playing against a Hunter or Mage make sure you play around secrets by activating them each turn.

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