Juicy Taunt Druid

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  • Archetype Taunt Druid
  • Format Wild
  • Deck Type Ranked
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  • Crafting Cost 11700
  • Your Cost Coming Soon
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With the increase in great 3-attack minions (Zilliax and Khartut Defender), Master Oakheart seems to be a less good 9-drop in this game.

So naturally(no pun intended), we sub in Stampeding Roar for the Hadronox combo for a tempo rush minion and a lot of taunts with Lesser Jasper Spellstone, where it was previously only possible with Naturalize.

I've also found that Juicy Psychmelon works fantastically with drawing us great late-game cards. If you get lucky with an early Jade Blossom or Nourish, you could get the combo going as early as turn 6 or 7.

Try to mulligan for Jade Blossom and Oaken Summons, although you could just keep all the cards with -4 cost :D.

This deck beats most decks in the late game due to its insane amount of value from Hadronoxes and Carnivorous Cubes. If you are doing well in the early-mid game, try and keep at least one Branching Paths for a surprise lethal against the opponent with a board full of Khartut Defenders.

I've experimented with this deck for some time now and I will post the winrate as soon as I collect sufficent data. In the meantime, feel free to comment with any subs or suggestions to this deck :)

Will make a class guide later :)

Have fun!

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