Highlander Dragon Warrior

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This is a deck I made to complete quests in the October 2019 season, going 11-3 overall with it (all games played between ranks 5 & 4 on ladder).  I've been more into Reno Mage so I haven't messed with this too much, but it's fun to play, it seems powerful, and it can win a variety of ways which makes most matches pretty interesting.  I'll add to this as I get more time to write (and more time play) but I'll at least start with identifying the multiple win conditions that this deck can have.



If you find yourself in a slugfest/attrition style match up with another control heavy deck, this deck offeres a really nice burst combo with Gromm, Inner Rage, & Blood Sworn Mercenary.  You need Emperor T. to hit just Gromm or Mercenary for 1 tick and you can assemble a 10 mana burst of Gromm -> Inner Rage -> Mercenary summoning a second 12 attack Gromm with charge for a nice 24 point burst.

Fire & Boom:

Another option that you have here is creating duplicates of your Dragons (mainly Deathwing & Ysera) with War Master Voone & then hitting your opponent with a big Boomship turn summoning (ideally) 2 Deathwings & Ysera or Alexstrasza.  Most of my ladder experience has been against Shaman, Rogue, Hunter & Druid lately and the current meta decks don't typically have a way to deal with board presence as immediate & massive as this.  It's a lot of fun to play & your opponent usually won't see it coming.

Dr. Boom:

The other win condition is the good ol' fashioned Dr. Boom, just hitting your opponent with endless value via the hero power.  It's a grind, it's not as fun, but you do win.

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