Standard ladder anti-meta Mecha'thun Warrior

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I've been doing pretty well with this version. It focuses on armoring up and control and it seems like you can draw your deck faster then other versions can. The sleeper card is Overlord's Whip. Not many decks are running weapon removal so you can just let it sit there and ping your armor generating and card drawing minions as you play them. It also synergies very well with Battle Rage since you are essentially playing all damaged minions. We run Zephrys the Great for late game control.

The combo (for those who don't know): With the addition of Emperor Thaurissan you are able to pull off the combo without Malygos if you have 10 armor and a reduced cost Shield Slam to kill Mecha'thun with. Otherwise, survive until your deck is empty and these are the only cards left in your hand*: Malygos + Mecha'thun + The Boomship + Inner Rage + Inner Rage +  a reduced cost Warpath (from Emperor Thaurissan)

Final hand and how to play it: With Malygos + Mecha'thun + *if needed: any minion from the deck as it will die in the combo. Don't play Zephrys the Great if you don't need it to survive during the game since it just adds a turn and delays your win condition --> play The Boomship to pull out your minions--> play each Inner Rage on your malygos and mecha'thun --> then play Warpath to clean your board. GG.

But why run 2 Warpath and not just run Whirlwind? Running 2 Warpath gives us an extra mid game clear option which  Whirlwind doesn't provide. Once Emperor Thaurissan is gone the combo will require Whirlwind

Good luck!

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  • daggydwarf's Avatar 595 20 Posts Joined 06/04/2019
    Posted 2 years, 8 months ago

    Looks like your list is missing The Boomship...maybe swapped it with a last-minute tech choice?

    • turfcitytj's Avatar 105 6 Posts Joined 04/03/2019
      Posted 2 years, 8 months ago

      Thanks for catching that! Yeah we only need 1 Slam.


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