Sike Demon Druid

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This is just my take on the malygos druid archetype.. the Juicy Psychmelon being quite possibly the most powerful card in the deck, drawing three main combo pieces and leaving one to be reduced.

Juicy Psychmelon Card Image Jepetto Joybuzz Card Image Dreampetal Florist Card Image

Basically the gameplay is to amass spells that goes face while playing the armor gain and recruitment cards to thin the deck.. Empty the hand of garbage minions before playing Dreampetal Florist  then next turn Sathrovarr the Malygos to start targeting face while screaming "Maadjik!" (this part is mandatory though it doesn't need to be shouted)


If jepetto draws a Witchwood Grizzly, just play it followed by witching hour for a 12hp taunt. 

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