Quest Mech Hunter

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  • Archetype Quest Hunter
  • Format Wild
  • Deck Type Ranked
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  • Crafting Cost 8040
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Updated After March 2020 Rotation

Deck Idea

This version of Quest Hunter utilizes mechs--specifically, minions that generate Microbots and Goblin Bombs. Play on curve, generate lots of minions, and magnetic onto our token mechs to keep up the pressure. Finish out the game with Pharaoh's Warmask.


Against Aggro

This deck can fall behind against aggro, but, if you play patiently, this deck has the tools to comeback from behind. Our best tools against aggro are Spider Bomb and Unleash the Hounds. Spider Bomb magnetized onto one of our mech tokens can clear two minions by turn 3; if you have Fireworks Tech, you can take out three minions very early while maintaining board presence. For wide boards, Unleash the Hounds can wipe the board easily. Otherwise, use your early game minions to trade on board.

Whirliglider Card ImageMicrotech Controller Card ImageSN1P-SN4P Card ImageSpider Bomb Card ImageFireworks Tech Card ImageUnleash the Hounds Card Image

Against Control

Against slower decks, you want to focus on generating as many minions as possible as quickly as possible. Completing Unseal the Vault quickly will allow you to keep on the pressure turn after turn after turn. Focus on building a curve that generates as many minions as possible against control.

Whirliglider Card ImageMicrotech Controller Card ImageSN1P-SN4P Card ImageUrsatron Card ImageExplodinator Card ImagePiloted Shredder Card Image


Just like normal mech Hunter, Venomizer+Missile Launcher is your main board clear/defensive tool in the late game. Fortunately, this combo has wonderful synergy with all of our Goblin Bombs!

Fireworks Tech is very versatile in this deck; it can be used to clear minions when combined with Spider Bomb; it can be used with SN1P-SN4P or Replicating Menace to generate tons of Microbots to complete Unseal the Vault or to magnetize other mechs onto; it can push face damage when used on a Goblin Bomb; it can be used to draw mechs from our deck when used on Ursatron; or it can do all of them at the same time!

I originally had Necromechanic in the deck, and she allowed me to pull off some nasty combos with Fireworks Tech; however, I found the card draw from Cult Master much more valuable in competitive games. When combined with all of our straggling Microbots or an Unleash the Hounds, Cult Master can refill our hand with ease in the mid- to late-game. If you don't find the card draw necessary, then swapping Cult Master for Necromechanic can provide for some really fun games.

Boommaster Flark (and Goblin Bombs in general) is an awesome late-game bomb when combined with Pharaoh's Warmask. Your opponent is forced to trade with Goblin Bombs and take damage from their deathrattles, or let them sit and take 2+ damage each turn. It's a really oppressive combo for your opponent, and it gives Boommaster Flark the spotlight he deserves!

Lastly, when you are close to completing Unseal the Vault, make sure you don't miss 2 damage from Steady Shot. I often can finish the quest by turn 8-10, so sometimes the best play is to Steady Shot>Explodinator>Pharaoh's Warmask (or some other 4-6 mana worth of minions). I have missed lethal a handful of times because I forgot to Steady Shot before completing Unseal the Vault.


-(2) Flare / +(2) Questing Explorer

Currently, this deck is teched to handle secret-heavy metas by including Flare; however, Questing Explorer provides card draw, quest progress, and board presence which are all generally more useful if you aren't in a secret-filled meta.

-(2) Cult Master / +(2) Jeeves

Cult Master can provide massive bursts of card draw if a bunch of our tokens are left on the battlefield, but it does require us to sacrifice stats for card draw. Frankly, the card is in the list because the list was created for Standard before the March 2020 rotation; however, because the list was forced into Wild, Jeeves is probably a better fit for the deck as he doesn't force us to trade stats for card draw, and he can be magnetized onto thanks to him being a mech.

Good luck, and have fun!

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