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This is my slightly modified take on the secret hunter deck I used to climb to legend last year on the wild ladder. Since then, there's been a few new cards added to the deck. The original deck is posted on Heartpwn in case you want to check it out, but this deck will hold up better with the changes that happened since then.

Notably, Lesser Emerald Spellstone became nerfed and Hyena Alpha was introduced to the game. This allowed for a faster board fill, albeit a slightly weaker one. This is fine as the deck relies on grabbing the upper hand early and relying on Deathstalker Rexxar to save the day if the game has to go long.

Additionally, the new aspect to this deck for this expansion would be the Phase Stalker who allows for some deck thinning and is a persistent threat, sometimes being able to pull out two or more secrets if left alone. I only have one copy in there as we don't do a ton of hero-powering early game, but if you think of your hero power as drawing a secret, playing it, and hitting the opponent for two damage, all for two mana, it becomes pretty crazy. I may add a second as time goes on.

The last odd thing you might notice is that there is no Secret Plan in the deck. I'm of the opinion that this is not a very good card. Don't get me wrong, it has some great applications, but it's predictable in that your opponent will often be able to guess which secret you've chosen in the given situation. It also is restricted to secrets, making it frustrating when you already have a ton of secrets out. All in all, it's quite lacklustre.

Tracking, on the other hand, is phenomenal. Pulling a Cloaked Huntress for T3 can snowball the game to a victory. Grabbing DK Rexxar once you've lost momentum can be the saving grace you need to keep up pressure so that your opponent doesn't turn the game around on you. People have argued with me in the past that Secret Plan should be there in place of Tracking but I'm set in my ways. If you want to add Secret Plan, sub out a secret and put it in.

Why include ____________ secret? Why not include ________________ secret? Why two of ________________ secret? I've chosen what I deem to be the most useful secrets. You generally don't want too many secrets that proc when you get hit in the face as your opponent can ignore face in some circumstances. Cat Trick is great pressure and also AOE insurance. I didn't include Pressure Plate as I haven't really put in the time to test it yet but it may have a place over a second Wandering Monster which, while still game-winning against aggro decks, can be a huge waste against control.

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