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Adjustments 12/10/19

Cobalt Spellkin is out -- there are just too many bad 1-mana Warlock spells. I never got a Soulfire off of it. Big Ol' Whelp is much better.

I also decided the deck wouldn't have big enough hands most of the time to play Twilight Drake, and replaced it with Wing Commander. I know Wing Commander is considered a filler card, but really it's pretty solid in this instance. Though I'm still open to suggestions of something better.

Overall Comments

After playing this deck ... it might have potential to be good? I've lost more than 50% with it, but I'm hopeful that that's just a learning curve (and bad luck with matchups -- lots of Highlander Dragon Mages, some running Dragonmaw Poacher).

Every single individual card (after the 12/10/19 update) feels good when you draw it, like it's getting good value. But in spite of that, the deck just feels a little bit ... fair? (You will never draw the perfect combo of Frizz Kindleroost into Malygos into Nether Breath + Soulfire, you have to adapt to imperfect draws.)

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