September 2021 - Master Duelist

Greetings, and welcome to the second episode of an Out Of Cards exclusive community challenge. To be more precise, this series will focus around creative deckbuilding in Duels, Hearthstone's most recent game mode - even though it was released more than half a year ago, it still has lots of space to explore, and our goal is exactly to give Duels the love it deserves.

What is the goal of this competition? Every three weeks (which could slightly vary in the future in order not to overlap with major releases in the game), we will create a new Duels challenge, consisting in building a starting deck with a certain restriction (be it mana cost, keywords, including certain buildaround units and so on). Every player will be invited to join and build a deck with said restriction: we'll even provide some samples ourselves, so that you won't be forced to go to the drawing board yourself (unlike when some Tavern Brawls go live).

Everyone is invited to join and share their results, doesn't matter if you play Casual or Heroic of if you're not already a Master Duelist. We do not discriminate here! Moreover, those who'll be able to provide worthy results will be gifted with a different award every time!

From Zero To Hero

Last time we focused on an expansion-specific theme, so September's challenge won't revolve around the same concept. In fact, From Zero To Hero will ask you to build a starting deck containing at least 1 card from each mana cost, from 0 to 10 mana.

To be more clear, this challenge's deck building restriction will take up 11 of the 15 cards of your starting deck: while you can choose the specific cards to include, be sure to not forget any! In order to make things a little easier, Signature Treasures will count as well!


Member Wins Losses Mode Submitted
sorryqt 12 1 Casual Sept. 16, 2021, 7:29 a.m.
Avalon 12 1 Casual Sept. 11, 2021, 8:50 a.m.
Calenmir 12 2 Casual Sept. 13, 2021, 9 p.m.
revaz142 12 2 Casual Sept. 13, 2021, 8:40 p.m.
11times67 12 2 Casual Sept. 11, 2021, 8:49 a.m.
OhNoesHS 11 3 Heroic Sept. 11, 2021, 8:48 a.m.
AgentCroque 10 3 Heroic Sept. 16, 2021, 7 a.m.
linkblade91 7 3 Heroic Sept. 11, 2021, 8:33 a.m.

Challenge's Information and Rewards

This challenge will begin today, September 10th, and will end on September 30th. During this window of time, you'll have to start a Duels run with a starting deck including at least one card from each mana cost (from 0 up to 10).

Everyone who posts proof of a 7+ wins run in the dedicated submission forum thread will be awarded with a different amount of Gold, an in-site currency you'll be able to earn from different activities and that will be used to purchase cosmetics in our in-site shop. Remember that, in order for your run to count towards the challenge, you'll have to provide an appropriate proof of your feat; otherwise, your result won't count.

Here's a quick breakdown explaining the rewards you'll receive based on your performances:

Best result (both Casual and Heroic)200

These are the criteria we'll use to determine the winner in case of identical scores:

  • A Heroic run will be considered more difficult than a Casual one, therefore Heroic players will have the priority.
    • If you get the best score overall with a 10-wins run in Casual and somebody else gets a 10-wins run in Heroic, the latter will be the winner of the challenge.
  • In case of more people getting the same score in the same mode, the winner will be decided by the submission time.
    • The quickest person to a Heroic run with a 12-0 will be the ultimate victor.
    • If more players will get to 12 wins, losses will count as well: a 12-0 will be considered better than a 12-2 or a 12-1.

The winner will be contacted through Direct Messages shortly after the submission time has ended.

If you want to submit your score, follow the instructions in the forum thread.

Suggested Starting Decks

As much as we encourage our participants to put their deckbuilding skills to use, we do not want to cut out those members who may want to give this challenge a try, but do not want to build a 15 deck from scratch. Therefore, here are some funny starting decks you may want to take inspiration from and use them to slice through the competition!

Big Paladin

Big Paladin is already a somewhat viable archetype, thanks to both solid Legendary units available and a fantastic Signature Treasure like Royal Greatsword, which is able to close out early matches by itself.

Therefore, our goal is to go all in on that plan: we have lots of cheap Divine Shield minions to abuse with From Golden Light and to buy us time until we get to play our big weapon. Is Greatsword always stuck at the bottom of your deck? No worries: we advice you to run Selfless Sidekick to tutor it out and start smacking your opponent.

Soggoth the Slitherer is such a bad card when considered in a vacuum: overcosted, understated and powercrept by a common like Evasive Drakonid. However, the heavy presence of spell-based decks and Royal Greatsword make Soggoth one of your best pull - seeing is believing. However, if you don't own it, please, please don't craft it: just pick another 9-Cost Legendary with a reasonable effect like Ysera.

From Golden Light Card Image Royal Greatsword Card Image

Questline Priest

When different mana costs is the topic, there's no way that Seek Guidance won't come to guide. Even though Purified Shard will rarely be useful in the first few matches, having a "I win" card will eventually turn out to be useful during the attrition games.

The Signature Treasure is the flexible spot: while Shadow Word: Void is always good, Joras Thuldoom represents a good form of board present in a deck that can easily restore health and Herald of the Scaled Ones gives you protection as well as chances to progress your Questline.

Shadow Mend Card Image Shadow Word: Void Card Image Joras Thuldoom Card Image Herald of the Scaled Ones Card Image

C'thun Warrior

In my opinion, Provoke is such a sweet card: a peculiar board clear effect together with card draw, if needed, which makes it not a terrible top deck (unlike many 0-Cost cards). This C'thun Warrior, in particular, could make good use of it, since the deck's ultimate goal is stalling the match while finding all the tools to buff up your C'Thun and eventually win the game.

This starting deck showcases remarkable amounts of card draw and armor gain, without renouncing on going on the offensive with Alexstrasza the Life-Binder as surprise lethal tool.

Bruising Card Image Auto-Armaments Card Image

Now that you know everything you need, grab your deck: it's time to D-D-D-D-Duels! Good luck to everyone!

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