By Your Powers Combined Card Design Competition

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This Week's Theme: By Your Powers Combined

Tired of the same old Hero Power every game? Great news! We're swapping them out this week.

  • You must create a card that changes your Hero Power into a new one
  • You cannot create a Hero Card, a Quest, or a minion which replaces your Hero (like Lord Jaraxxus)
    • These are all card types which could get their own competition - we want to focus on the Hero Powers this time
  • The Hero Power your card gives you cannot be an existing one - including Basic and Upgraded Hero Powers
    • We want to see brand new ideas!
  • Existing examples include Charged Hammer, Shadowform and Vilefin Inquisitor

Remember to include your Hero Power in your submission by adding it as an extra card!

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Try thinking about what you'd like to be able to do in your favourite class if you're struggling - you might hit upon a winning idea!