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Old Gods, New Tricks Card Design Competition

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This Week's Theme: Old Gods, New Tricks

Quick, the Old Gods are coming! We'd best design a card to appease them...

  • You must create a Class minion with the Corrupt mechanic
    • Thankfully, Y'Shaarj isn't too picky - we don't mind if you leave out the Corrupted version of the card, given how tricky it might be to find appropriate art
  • Your minion must be of a minion type not typically associated with your Class
    • We need to make sure N'Zoth has enough fuel! Here's a list of the minion types we think are normally associated with each class:
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        • Demon Hunter - Demons
        • Druid - Beasts
        • Hunter - Beasts, Mechs
        • Mage - Mechs, Elementals, Dragons
        • Paladin - Mechs, Murlocs, Dragons
        • Priest - Elementals, Dragons
        • Rogue - Pirates
        • Shaman - Elementals, Murlocs, Totems
        • Warlock - Demons
        • Warrior - Mechs, Pirates, Dragons

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Competition Entries

I'll reiterate it here - you can provide a Corrupted version of your card, but it isn't required, since the art for them might be quite tricky to come by. It should be pretty easy to understand its effect anyway. Do let us know if we missed a tribe from our list!

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