Hearthstone Mercenaries' PVP mode, the Fighting Pit, has special rewards based on how high you can climb in rating. Here are all the different rewards you can earn for Season 1.

Due to this information being datamined, here are the assumptions we are making:

  • Nothing is official until Blizzard releases information on Mercenaries ranked rewards.
  • We are assuming these are end of season rewards. You'll receive rewards for your highest rating.
  • Mercenary Coin in this context is a random coin for a random Mercenary characters.

Mercenaries Ranked Rewards by Rating

You obtain 1 Mercenary Coin per 1000 rating, with breakpoints up to 7 coins. Those that can hit 12000 rating will instead receive a Mercenary Pack, which contains 5 separate items and can include new Mercenary Cards, Coins, or Portraits.

10001x Mercenary Coin
20002x Mercenary Coin
30003x Mercenary Coin
40004x Mercenary Coin
50005x Mercenary Coin
60006x Mercenary Coin
75007x Mercenary Coin
1000010x Mercenary Coin
120001x Mercenary Pack

How Do I Earn Mercenaries Rating?

You can earn Mercenaries rating by completing battles inside of the Fighting Pit. Inside of the pit, you will be matched with players that have near-equivalent levels of power.

When Does Mercenaries Season 1 Begin?

Season 1 of Mercenaries is assumed to begin on October 12 when Mercenaries launches.

The duration of the season is unknown at this time.

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