What Are Mercenary Coins?

Mercenary Coins are the currency that is used to buy new Mercenary characters and to upgrade their abilities and equipment to make them stronger.

Each Mercenary has their own named coin that is used to upgrade their own equipment.

How Do I Obtain Mercenary Coins?

There are three ways you can obtain Mercenary Coins:

  1. Open Mercenary Coins from Mercenary Card Packs
  2. Complete PvE or PvP Mercenary Battles
  3. Complete tasks at the Campfire

In the primary PvE mode, which is completing bounties through the Travel Point, you will earn Mercenary Coins based on your party composition and the bounty you are completing.

When you complete a PvE bounty, a reward chest is given to you at the end of the run. Inside this chest there will be Mercenary Coins as a reward. Based on the composition of your party, and the bounty itself, you will find Mercenary Coins from your random pool of Mercenaries. If you would like to learn which bounties you want to farm for each Mercenary, you can head on over to our Bounties database and select which Mercenary you want to find loot for. You can also find this information on the database page for each Mercenary character (like Alexstrasza).

How Do I Spend Mercenary Coins?

You can spend your Mercenary coins inside of the Mercenary collection manager, the Tavern. It is there you can do the following:

Unlock New Mercenary Characters

  • Rare Mercenaries cost 100 Coins
  • Epic Mercenaries cost 300 Coins
  • Legendary Mercenaries cost 500 Coins

Upgrade Mercenary Abilities

Each Mercenary has abilities that get more powerful the higher you level them.

  • Level 2 Abilities cost 50 Coins.
  • Level 3 Abilities cost 125 Coins.
  • Level 4 Abilities cost 150 Coins.
  • Level 5 Abilities cost 150 Coins.

As of now, all abilities have a cap of level 5.

Upgrade Mercenaries Equipment

Like abilities, each Mercenary has equipment that gets more powerful the higher you level them. Your Mercenary can only equip one piece of equipment at a time, so it might be best to try and only level one piece of equipment to full at a time.

  • Level 2 Equipment cost 100 Coins.
  • Level 3 Equipment cost 150 Coins.
  • Level 4 Equipment cost 175 Coins.

Not all equipment has levels, some equipment ends at level 1, and others will vary in how many levels they have in total.