Hearthstone Battlegrounds is getting a brand new season on January 17, 2023, and with that comes a load of changes. This guide is here to help cover all the changes in one easy to explore format.

Battlegrounds Season 3 Big Details

  • A new tribe has been added to the game - Undead!
    • They will appear in every lobby for 2 weeks after the update.
    • After 2 weeks, they will appear in lobbies 75% of the time for 2 weeks.
  • Dual-type minions have arrived in Battlegrounds.
    • These will appear in any lobby that has one or both of the minion types on the card active making for exciting combinations.
  • Putricide has received a major overhaul letting him create custom Undead minions.
  • A new Battlegrounds Track with 40 levels is available with brand new unlocks.
  • Quests are being removed as a mechanic.
  • Due to the Undead addition, turns after 5 have 5 seconds more time for players to learn new cards. This will be removed in a later hotfix.

Professor Putricide Overhaul

Professor Putricide has received new art and a brand new Hero Power.

He's getting the Deathstalker Rexxar treatment with a "Build-an-Undead" Hero Power which features Undead minions split into two separate pools. You are given the opportunity to "Discover" twice to create your Undead masterpiece. The cards seen in each pick will be as follows:

  • The first card will be one from your Tavern Tier.
  • The second cards will be within two Tiers of your Tavern Tier.
  • The first one is from your Tavern Tier or below.

The created minion will be named "Putricide's Creation" and use the art from your first Discover pick. Additionally:

  • The stats of both minions are combined.
  • The text of both cards chosen will be on the resulting card.
  • You can only use this Hero Power a total of 3 times, so choose very carefully!
  • The hero power always costs 4 Gold to use.
  • You cannot triple these minions. Imagine how hard yet cool that would be...

Returning Cards in Battlegrounds Season 3

Two cards are going to be making a return!

  • Icky Imp - Deathrattle: Summon two 1/1 Imps.
  • Budding Greenthumb - Avenge (3): Give adjacent minions +2/+1 permanently.

Revamped Battlegrounds Minions

Three cards are receiving changes!

  • Amber Guardian - Now gives two minions +2/+2 and Divine Shield when tripled. (Previously was one minion +4/+4 Divine Shield)
  • Peggy Sturdybone - Renamed Peggy Brittlebone, updated art, and removed the Undead dual-type. (Now is only a Pirate)
  • Titus Rivendare - Renamed Baron Rivendare, updated art, and removed the Undead type.
    • Additionally, text now reads "Your Deathrattles trigger an extra time." which could allow for multiple of these in play.


Season 3 New Battlegrounds Minions

We're going to be covering new minions in multiple sections, this one, Undead Minions, and Dual-Type minions so you can get a better idea of new synergies.

  • Chronormu (4/4 Dragon) (Tier 4) - While this is in Bob's Tavern, gain the stats of any minions sold.
  • Sin'dorei Straight Shot (3/4) (Tier 4) - Windfury, Divine Shield. Whenever this attacks, remove Reborn and Taunt from the target.


Undead Minions Arrive in Battlegrounds

Although there were a couple of Undead minions in Battlegrounds already, this is a huge update for the game that brings in plenty of new Undead friends to hangout with. This includes some new dual-typed minions.

Tavern Tier 1 Undead Minions

  • Risen Rider (2/1) - Taunt. Reborn.
  • Rot Hide Gnoll (1/4) - Has +1 Attack for each friendly minion that died this combat.


Tavern Tier 2 Undead Minions

  • Corpse Refiner (4/6 Undead Pirate) - Avenge (4): This minion sells for 1 more Gold.
  • Eternal Knight (4/1) - Has +1/+1 for each friendly Eternal Knight that died this game (wherever this is).
  • Scarlet Skull (1/2) - Reborn. Deathrattle: Give a friendly Undead +1/+2.

Tavern Tier 3 Undead Minions

  • Ghoul of the Feast (2/4) - Avenge (1): Give a friendly minion of each minion type +3 Attack.
  • Jelly Belly (3/5) - After a friendly minion is Reborn, gain +3/+2.
  • Lich Doctor (3/2) - Taunt. At the start of your turn, give your minions that died last combat +1/+1.

Tavern Tier 4 Undead Minions

  • Handless Forsaken (2/3) - Deathrattle: Summon a 2/2 Hand with Reborn.
  • Possessive Banshee (2/7) - Battlecry: Give an Undead +2/+7.
  • Soulsplitter (4/2) - Reborn. Start of Combat: Give a friendly Undead Reborn.

Tavern Tier 5 Undead Minions

  • Anub'arak, Nerubian King (5/3) - Deathrattle: Your Undead have +2 Attack for the rest of the game (wherever they are).
  • Hungering Abomination (3/4) - Avenge (1): Gain +1/+1 permanently.
  • Sinrunner Blanchy (4/4 Undead Beast) - Reborn. This is Reborn with full Health and enchantments.

Tavern Tier 6 Undead Minions

  • Colossus of the Sun (6/6) - Divine Shield. Reborn.
  • Eternal Summoner (8/1) - Deathrattle: Summon 2 Eternal Knights.
  • Sister Deathwhisper (4/11) - After a friendly minion is Reborn, give your Undead +1/+3 permanently.

Dual-Type Minions in Battlegrounds

We've got a load of new minions with two tribes!

New Tavern Tier 1 Minions

  • Thorncaptain (4/1 Quilboar Pirate) - After a card is added to your hand, gain +1 Health until next turn.

New Tavern Tier 2 Minions

  • Corpse Refiner (2/3 Undead Pirate) - Avenge (4): This minion sells for 1 more Gold.
  • Blazing Skyfin (1/3 Murloc Dragon) - After you play a Battlecry minion, gain +1/+1.


New Tavern Tier 3 Minions

  • Felemental (3/1 Elemental Dragon) - Battlecry: Minions in Bob's Tavern have +1/+1 for the rest of the game.


New Tavern Tier 4 Minions

  • Pufferquil (2/4 Quilboar Naga) - After a spell is played on this, gain Poisonous until next turn.
  • Magmaloc (1/1 Elemental Murloc) - At the end of your turn, gain +2/+2. Repeat for each minion you played this turn.


New Tavern Tier 5 Minions

  • Sinrunner Blanchy (4/4 Undead Beast) - Reborn. This is Reborn with full Health and enchantments.
  • Cyborg Drake (2/8 Mech Dragon) - Divine Shield. Your Divine Shield minions have +20 Attack.


New Tavern Tier 6 Minions

  • Mecha-Jaraxxus (3/15 Mech Demon) - Battlecry: Add a random Mecha-Demon to your hand.
  • Felstomper (3/7 Demon Beast) - After you summon a minion in combat, give your minions +3 Attack.
  • Greta Gold-Gun (2/9 Naga Pirate) - Spellcraft: Make a different friendly Pirate or Naga Golden until next turn. (Except Greta Gold-Gun)



Mecha-Jaraxxus' Mecha-Demons

Mecha-Jaraxxus can generate the following cards. These can be kept in your hand to triple!


Battlegrounds Hero Updates

Four heroes are receiving some changes to how they work.

  • Galewing - You can no longer choose the same destination every time. (Doesn't make sense to fly from Westfall to... Westfall)
    • Westfall
      • Old: Passive. In 1 turn, give your left-most minion +2/+1.
      • New: Passive. In 1 turn, give your left-most minion +2/+2.
    • Ironforge
      • Old: Passive. In 3 turns, Discover a minion of your Tavern Tier.
      • New: Passive. In 2 turns, gain 2 Gold.
    • Eastern Plaguelands:
      • Old: Passive. In 5 turns, your next Tavern Tier upgrade costs (6) less.
      • New: Passive. In 3 turns, Discover a minion of your Tavern Tier.
  • Millificent Manastorm - Hero Power is now a Passive that gives a summoned Mech +2 Attack. (Previously gave +1/+1 to Mechs in the Tavern)
  • Lord Jaraxxus - Hero Power now reads "Choose a friendly Demon. It consumes a minion in Bob's Tavern to gain its stats."
    • Previously, Jaraxxus would give +1/+1 to all your Demons.
  • Pyramad - Nerfed to only give +1 Health instead of +2. The effect of it gaining extra health each turn you don't use it remains.


Battlegrounds Season 3 Rewards Track

A paid, and free, Season Pass is once again available for this new season. Through 40 levels you'll be able to work towards new cosmetics which include themes of the Scourge and Silvermoon. These cosmetics include new boards, strikes, emotes, and of course, hero skins.

  • 10 levels of the track are available for free.
  • The remaining 30 levels are paid only with the entire pass being available for 1500 Runestones.
    • Unlike Season 2, the Battlegrounds pass now requires Runestones to buy instead of a real money purchase.

You can see the entire pass contents below, click the spoiler to view!

Show Spoiler

LevelXP To LevelCumulative XPFree RewardWith Season Pass
100 2 Hero Slots
22020 The Ramparts (Rare Board)
32040Scourge Sindragosa (Rare Emote) 
42060 Rending Winter (Rare Strike)
53090 Phoenix-flight Kragg (Rare Hero Skin)
630120 Cariel, the Chosen (Rare Emote)
730150Silverguard Faelin (Rare Hero Skin) 
830180 Sindragosa of the Scourge (Legendary Hero Skin)
940220 Sunfed Rakanishu (Rare Hero Skin)
1040260 Silvermoon Dawngrasp (Rare Emote)
1140300Icelord Jaraxxus (Epic Hero Skin) 
1250350 Savior Kael'thas (Legendary Hero Skin)
1350400 Scourgestorm Millhouse (Rare Hero Skin)
1450450 Silvermoon Nguyen (Rare Emote)
1550500Rising Phoenix (Rare Strike) 
1660560 Sunwell Nguyen (Rare Hero Skin)
1760620 Silvermoon Tavish (Rare Emote)
1860680 Commander Vanndar (Epic Hero Skin)
1960740Scourge Millhouse (Rare Emote) 
2060800 Lady Deathwhisper (Rare Bartender)
2160860 Scourgewind Chenvaala (Rare Hero Skin)
2260920 Silvermoon Phoenix (Rare Emote)
2360980Scoutmaster Tavish (Epic Hero Skin) 
24601040 Rising Phoenix (Epic Strike)
25601100 Prince Kael'thas (Rare Emote)
26601160 Scourgewolf Drek'thar (Rare Hero Skin)
27601220Plague Rat (Rare Emote) 
28601280 Rune Raised Galakrond (Legendary Hero Skin)
29601340 Bonethresher Sneed (Epic Hero Skin)
30601400 Scourge Arthas (Rare Emote)
31601460Rending Winter (Epic Strike) 
32601520 Off-Duty A. F. Kay (Rare Hero Skin)
33601580 Deathwing, Risen (Epic Hero Skin)
34601640 Shady Deathwhisper (Rare Emote)
35601700Skellywock (Rare Hero Skin) 
36601760 Cariel, the Chosen (Legendary Hero Skin)
37601820 Scourge Zombie (Rare Emote)
38601880 Ozumat, Glacial Horror (Rare Hero Skin)
39601940Icebinder Baz'hial (Legendary Hero Skin) 
40602000 Rending Winter (Legendary Strike)