Mercenaries Bounties

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Bounty Bounty set Difficulty level Level required
Rend Blackhand Heroic Blackrock Mountain Heroic 30
Serena Bloodfeather The Barrens Normal 7
Serena Bloodfeather Heroic The Barrens Heroic 10
SI:7 Smuggler Onyxia's Lair Normal 30
SI:7 Smuggler Heroic Onyxia's Lair Heroic 30
Siren of the Deep Darkshore Normal 30
Siren of the Deep Heroic Darkshore Heroic 30
Smolderwing Onyxia's Lair Normal 30
Smolderwing Heroic Onyxia's Lair Heroic 30
Snowclaw Winterspring Normal 30
Snowclaw Heroic Winterspring Heroic 30
Sunwalker Proudhoof The Barrens Normal 10
Sunwalker Proudhoof Heroic The Barrens Heroic 15
Taran Zhu The Sunken City Normal 30
Taran Zhu Heroic The Sunken City Heroic 30
The Annointed Blade Heroic Felwood Heroic 27
The Anointed Blades Felwood Normal 21
The Cow King The Barrens Normal 20
The Cow King Heroic The Barrens Heroic 30
Tutorial Prologue: Deadmines Normal 1
Undead Onyxia Onyxia's Lair Normal 30
Undead Onyxia Heroic Onyxia's Lair Heroic 30
Ursula Windfury Winterspring Normal 30
Ursula Windfury Heroic Winterspring Heroic 30
Vaelastrasz Blackrock Mountain Normal 30