We've got more details on the upcoming expedition rewards changes coming in the patch on March 31!

Quote From Riot_AlphaLvSim

Hey friends! I know I posted a little bit below, but seeing the confusion I thought it might actually be best to give you a sneak peek of what the new Expedition rewards will look like.

The full details will be in the patch notes, but in the meantime enjoy!

  • 0 wins: Epic Capsule. Epic Capsules contain an Epic, 2x Rares and 2x Commons, all with a random chance to upgrade (including the capsule itself).
  • 1 win: Epic Capsule, 100 Shards
  • 2 wins: Epic Capsule, 200 Shards
  • 3 wins: Epic Capsule, 200 Shards, Common Wildcard
  • 4 wins: Epic Capsule, 300 Shards, 2x Common Wildcards
  • 5 wins: Epic Capsule, 500 Shards, Rare wildcard, Common Wildcard
  • 6 wins: Epic Capsule, 1000 Shards, Rare Wildcard, Common Wildcard
  • 7 wins: Epic Capsule, 2000 Shards, 2x Rare Wildcards

If you are curious how these rewards stack up in terms of value, here's a quick snapshot:

If value random cards at full Shard value (ie Epics = 1200 Shards etc) then with a 50% Win Rate this loot table is worth 3736 Shards on average.

If you value random cards a bit less, say at 50% of "face value", then the loot table is worth 2350 Shards on average.

Making sure the rewards felt good even without a Champion every Expedition was a big goal; hopefully this information helps!