We are halfway through exploring decks for the new Legends of Runeterra Champions introduced in the Rising Tides expansion. Today we are taking a look at Quinn and the most successful builds to use with her. If you've got a great idea for a deck be sure to use our Deckbuilder to share it with everyone!

Quinn utilizes the new Scout mechanic, which allows you to setup for multiple attacks in one turn. If you've got her flipped you're automatically taking the largest unit on the opposite side of the board out of the equation with the help of Valor. She's mostly seen paired with Miss Fortune in Aggro or Midrange builds because it's a natural fit with their level up conditions.

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  Quinn Card Image


Quinn Aggro

With all the Scouting units you are able to flip Miss Fortune much faster and Citrus Courier is usually the final nail in the coffin for your opponent.

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Quinn Midrange

Lucian and Senna, Sentinel of Light can usually be enough on their own to bust through a defensive line and with a few combat tricks, they may take out your opponent before Quinn ever hits the board.

Quinn Control

This deck has a multitude of ways to frustrate your opponents with ways to save your units or get additional attacks. For further annoyance you've got a couple of Deny to really seal the deal.

Quinn Control
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