If you've experienced heavy direct damage to your Nexus recently or had essential cards stolen from your deck, you might have some feelings about today's watchlist. Riot has shared in the 1.2 Patch Notes everything that they are keeping an eye on since Rising Tides released.

Karma Card Image Ezreal Card Image Unyielding Spirit Card Image Pilfered Goods Card Image

These are the four card callouts that Riot has made with today's patch notes.

  • Karma has received some changes with this patch though will remain on the list.
  • Ezreal has seen a drop in winrate when Rising Tides launched, though will be monitored if things change.
  • Unyielding Spirit is being considered for a non-numbers adjustment. They don't want to push it out of play.
  • Pilfered Goods is being investigated to see if the pain of the mechanic can be eased.

Here's everything Riot has to say about the current watch list. For the full patch notes, which include details on all the card balance, check them out here.

Quote From Riot

Unyielding Spirit

Unyielding Spirit has been among the more contentious cards in Rising Tides due to its powerful Burst speed effect and ability to circumvent opponents’ interaction. This card offers some unique challenges in adjusting, as a quick numbers change is more likely to just push the card out of playability rather than addressing any core issues, so for now we’re watchlisting it while considering adjustments.

Pilfered Goods & Card Stealing

Losing against your own cards when an opponent draws from your deck can be a frustrating experience, especially if you’re playing with deck-buffing Freljord effects. Pilfered Goods is a particular culprit as its power level is rather high, and drawing multiple cards is more likely to create “stole the perfect card” situations. We’re investigating possible adjustments that can ease some of the pain surrounding the mechanic.

Nexus Damage in Rising Tides

Rising Tides thematics and mechanics (pirates, Plunder, Noxian siege weapons, etc.) have significantly increased the amount of direct nexus damage available to players. We’ve seen some problematic, potentially overloaded nexus damage decks arise as a result, and have made some targeted adjustments in this patch aimed at making early damage more preventable. Access to healing is another potential lever for the regions that boast it, and we’ve adjusted a few cards to provide better options. The scope of this issue is rather large, so we’ll continue to monitor it (and the effect of the changes in this patch) over time.

Karma and Ezreal

We shared some thoughts on these two towards the end of beta, detailing some of our problems with their existing designs. We’ve adjusted Karma in this patch, and Ezreal has seen a drop in win rate since the release of Rising Tides, so at the moment we’re just continuing to monitor both champions.