Yesterday, Legends of Runeterra shared some of their early concept art of the Crownguard family. I'm convinced that Tianna has so much starch in her cape that it will absolutely slice your hand off if you're not careful. She's definitely not a hugger.

Quote From Legends of Runeterra
Check out some of the early character designs for the Crownguards of Runeterra from Senior Concept Artist @denwhat_ Den took on the task of realizing the Demacian military family with updated champion visuals and mighty shoulder pauldrons!

“We wanted to make Garen appear more serious and polished, but still retain his bulky nature. We also updated the shape language for the Crownguards (the bird-like shapes on the pauldrons) so that we could echo that shape for other Crownguard characters like aunt Tianna.”

“The target was to go for a more youthful appearance for Lux that also reflected the proud Crownguard military tradition. Lux might not use the same weapons as others in her family, but she has the same strong sense of justice and is more than able to defend herself.”

“To play up the tension between traditional Demacia vs forbidden magic use, we wanted a powerful presence for Tianna in contrast to Lux. Tianna is all about straightforward military power, a sense of tradition that you can feel in her armor and the way that she carries herself.”

“We see this reflected in Tianna’s full card art. She's stern, armored, and standing in front of traditional artwork, in contrast to the timid, conflicted Lux before her, again serving to highlight the very real tension between historic Demacian ideals and forbidden magic use.”