We got to see some of the concept art for the Crownguard family a couple of days ago. Now we get to take a closer look at the residents of Ionia!

Quote From Legends of Runeterra
Today we venture to Ionia to take a look at some of the characters Senior Concept Artist @denwhat_ designed for the region. Ionia is a place of mystery and magic, so we wanted to create characters who thrive in that exotic environment.

"With Greenglade Caretaker we tried exploring a character who felt like she is both a gentle soul (a creature with faun/gazelle aspects) who is 'one with the land' but also one who will leap into action to defend her home (horns, knives, and acrobatics)."

Greenglade Caretaker Card Image

"Eye of the Dragon was designed to show an old soul in a young body. Confident beyond her years, she doesn’t need to yell to make herself heard. Each unit in Lee Sin’s group has trained their senses through different means - she’s trained to perceive Ionia’s currents of magic."

Eye of the Dragon Card Image

"Yordles accustomed to the magic of Bandle City, like Greenglade Lookout, find themselves right at home in the Ionian wilderness, where they can choose to hide themselves away or live among humans as the mood suits them."

Greenglade Lookout Card Image

"Though they’re most often considered ‘cute and fuzzy,’ some yordles prefer ‘swift and deadly.' The Fae Bladetwirler uses her small size and swift movements to take advantage of any hesitation from her opponents. Her extra-fluffy tail helps balance her for acrobatic swipes!"

Fae Bladetwirler Card Image