If you had a chance to checkout Runeterra's new Gauntlet mode last weekend, you may be happy to learn about all the upcoming events!

Here's the full schedule for Gauntlet events for the month of July 2020 as posted by Riot.

  • July 3 - 6 // Singleton
  • July 7 - 10 // Singleton
  • July 17 - 20 // Standard
  • July 24 - 27 // Singleton

It's a slow start to Runeterra's weekend game mode with the Singleton format being repeated quite a bit, but this is likely Riot simply taking it easy before we get any really crazy deckbuilding restrictions.

If rewards have you concerned, which has been a bit of a vocal topic in the community, don't worry, Riot plans to add more exclusive rewards to Gauntlets in the future according to their announcement.